A different kind of refueling

Part of being human is constantly exploring new expressions and daring to do things differently. We make experimental music, invent new art forms, create obscure stage performances and we thrive by developing new technical solutions. It’s human to challenge what we know and try to do things differently.

Our latest campaign is a tribute to everyone out there who dares to stand out. Of course with a humorous angle that focuses on one of the things St1 does differently – letting their customers pay for fuel with their mobile.


St1 is an unconventional energy company utilizing unmanned fuel stations in Sweden.
They were the first in Sweden to create an app with the ability to pay for fuel with your phone under the tagline ”A different kind of refueling”. Our mission was to promote this new feature and keep challenging the category and the expected public image that fuel stations typically have.


In three humorous spots we tribute three characters who dare to stand out and do things differently. Of course focusing on one of the things St1 does differently – letting their customers pay for fuel with their phone. The spots ran on tv, youtube and on different social media platforms.


Despite lower media investments than competitors, St1 has continuously reached higher effects and impressions and 2019 was to be no exception. The strategy of being different has proven to be successful.

Breaking out of the frame

We created specific adapted social media movies where our three characters broke out of their social media platform frames and interacted with their captions and like-buttons. The sponsored posts ran on Facebook and Instagram.

A different type of instruction video

Any new service needs an instruction video. We let our three characters show the features in their own way.